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Hello there trailer

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Ah, it kills me to follow New Moon news with yet more New Moon news but I fear the angry mob may kick down my door with pitchforks and flaming torches if I do not abide. To argue my case further, let me point out this is fresh. Like, only-304-views-on-YouTube-at-the time-of-posting-this fresh. The first Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer has landed.

Watch it.

The trailer appeared a few hours ago on MTV (in conjunction with the movie awards). Let the sequel hysteria begin as already there are comments posted by viewers under the teaser trailer which read “OMG!!!! I just cryed watchin it!” Not only is this the mark of an atrocious lack of literacy amongst today’s teenagers, it also demonstrates majority of them are sad sacks of shit. Trailer related thoughts?

It looks like director Chris Weitz has been able to keep the `feel’ created by Catherine Hardwicke in the first film and thankfully hasn’t succumbed to jazzing up the sets or costuming despite the success of Twilight and boosted budget. Big tick for consistency. I shall award another tick for incorporating the key starting scenes from the book/movie into the trailer, no doubt tweens will be left panting like the Quiltette tribe members. Fans will be giving ticks of their own for the biggest non-surprise of the trailer; Taylor Lautner (Jacob) shirtless. But seriously, what is with the special effects? Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression Summit Entertainment gave them their pocket money early for this film so the effects wouldn’t reek of telemovie like the first instalment. Ignoring the dodgy stunts, the Jacob-werewolf-transformation looks so CG, I expected to see Shrek walk in to the frame. Overall I think this is a teaser trailer that lives up to its name. There’s a large portion of the audience who haven’t read the books and for them, the closing werewolf reveal will be a massive excitement stimulant. In conclusion I promise no more New Moon news for a week... if I can help it.


Hello there trailer {The Twilight Saga: New Moon}